Wee Day Out

I began building this short film at the start of the pandemic. I was working on concert visuals for a rockband's world tour when COVID threw a wrench into it all and gave me a couple of weeks between jobs to formulate the first short story I've told since my days as a student. As we weren't able to leave our house for what felt like weeks, I daydreamed about future trips to Scotland and the places I would visit. Coupled with my love for miniatures and tilt shift photography, Wee Day Out was born.

Production Frames

Early Concept Development

The idea for Wee Day Out came about from the inability to leave our house during the first lockdown in 2020.  During the early spring I usually begin to plan my outdoor trips for the summer and autumn but was unable to this year.  Out of frustration and a bit of time on my hands I began to craft some intial frames - just for fun.  I had no idea it would evolve into a larger short film.  The initial intent was to have some fun making miniature Scottish landscapes.  The minature mountain scene was the first leap into this style followed by the bothy with hikers.

Animation Development

Early animation development working with hardware previews to nail timing with the music.  There were also small details, like incorporating a fully dynamic kilt into the mix built in Marvlous Designer - it would be sacrilege not to.