The Unlock | Xbox Game Pass - Riot Games

I was brought on board to work as a key part of the team at We Are Royale on a commercial promo for Xbox and Riot Games new Game Pass.  The task was to create a new reveal trailer announcing a collab with Xbox to bring their lineup to Game Pass.  Over a few weeks we created a world from scratch to showcase the Riot characters and the new Pass offerings.  Building out each cavernous world, texturing, lighting, designing, glowing and cracking our way to the end.  It was a real pleasure to be such a key part to a very talented team.

Producer: Michael Cauchi
Creative Director: Jason Cook
Art Director: Ryan Brant
Designer/Animators: Nick Lyons, Alex Liou, Brandon Smith, Edgar Zavala, Foram Jani
2D Animator: Trevor Barton, Pablo Grache
3D Intern: Rosanna Davila
CG Supervisor: Matt Guzzardo
Compositing Supervisor: Tyrone Mackay
Compositor: Jason Heinze, Michael Bogan
Lead Editor: Ryan Frey
Assistant Editor: Jason Vo
Concept Artist: Frankell Baramdyka
Coordinator: Caroline Stella
IT Support: Dave Grewal