When Spyscape needed a dynamic installation to introduce visitors to the experience, Territory Studio came on board to create an immersive, perception-bending audiovisual journey.

Designed to play in the worlds largest passenger lift, our experiential team drew on the studio’s deep narrative experience of designing screen graphics and VFX for an array of Hollywood military ops and spy thrillers.

We devised, scripted and storyboarded the cinematic concept with a bold vision to play with visitors’ perceptions in keeping with the theme of espionage. The resulting three minute journey breaks out of the spatial confines of the lift by creating visual illusions that play out on three walls of the enclosed space, augmented by a bespoke 19.1 surround sound system that extends and heightens the experience.

An immersive sensory journey, we take visitors from the streets of Manhattan to an alternate dimension, in which the elevator walls melt away as the lift accelerates, revealing the secret environments and exposing the reach of spycraft.  From MI6 wood panelled lobbies and corridors, CCTV and cell phone monitoring stations to a tour of surveillance satellites above earth – all the while rocketing the viewer from these different spy-scapes through clever manipulation of perspective, scale and sound.

Creative Director: John Sunter
Creative Lead: Nick Lyons

Artists: Roland Lukacsi
Additional Animation:  Dorian Thomas, Melanie Keyzor
Production: Alice Ceresole
Audio: Tim Cowie