Siggraph - Futuristic Technology - Ghost in the Shell

In 2017 I had the opportunity to present Territory’s work to an audience at the Maxon Cinema 4D booth at Siggraph.

Nick Lyons from Territory Studios gives an overview of the work Territory did for the film, Ghost in the Shell.

Nick provides an overview of the concepts as well as how Territory executed some of the final VFX. Nick breaks down the creation of the "Equalizer" (using MoGraph Cloner, Random Effector, Turbulence and X-Particles), human holograms (using Photogrammetry, Polygon Reduction and X-Partcles), Solograms (solid holograms) to create the futuristic looking cityscape and describes how Territory used Cinema 4D and Shotgun to create and manage hundreds of assets including the use of a custom platemaker built with Xpresso.